Luxury Amenities Offered at Summerlin, Las Vegas

The Summerlin community is well known as a location that could pass for its very own city due to its large size. With its proximity to the mountain that has over 3000 feet of elevation, this luxurious community has a lot to offer to its over 8000 residences. Most of the things this Las Vegas community offers residents are in line with luxurious amenities, some of the most famous ones are listed below.


The Summerlin community is no doubt quite large and has earned popularity as a result of both its size as well as the ability of it to give residents a luxurious lifestyle.

These Las Vegas luxury homes have provided incredible amenities for their residents. One thing the Summerlin community spoils its residents for is golf. There are 9 golf courses within the community alone for guests to visit whenever they please.

The top rated golf courses are TPC Summerlin, TPC Las Vegas, and Highland Falls Golf Club. The community is also within access to other golf courses. The golf courses serve as hosts to various tournaments amongst themselves from the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open to the Summerlin Summer Las Vegas Golf Tour.


We all know that while living in luxury, there are several things that can be forsaken all for the sake of being pampered. Summerlin, Las Vegas is the epitome of what luxury ought to be but this does not mean the community does not strive for its residents to have an active lifestyle and remain healthy.

The luxury of the Summerlin community is balanced with the practicality of certain amenities and features such as the trails. The trails exist for the residents to hike through the Nevadan countryside, take a stroll, go biking or sight-seeing on. Most communities that claim to be luxurious do not offer their residents this ease of access to hiking and biking trails for their sole pleasure whenever needed.

Shopping and Dining

Downtown Summerlin boasts of a variety of options for those seeking shopping and dining venues. For dining choices, you have restaurants like Crave, Fogo de Chao and Maggiano’s Little Italy which offer, American, Spanish and Italian cuisines respectively.

Other noteworthy dining options are Andiron which serves steaks and seafood, Blue Ribbon for your specialty fried chicken and Bonnano’s for your slice of pizza heaven. If you are interested in the latest fashion trends or feel the need to update your wardrobe, then Summerlin has you covered with shopping outlets like Banana Republic, Buckle, B.Young and Fabletics among others.

Community Center

Summerlin is a community that strives on fostering relationships and friendships amongst its residents. One of the ways by which it accomplishes that is by providing an avenue for them to mingle and interact on several occasions.

The presence of three community centers that provide a wide variety of activities for residents to engage in with full exclusivity is just the right avenue for that. The centers are Gardens Community Centre, Trails Community Centre and Pool and Willows Community Centre and Pool. These centers serve as hosts to resident meetings, special events, children and youth camps, private functions etc.

5 Best Race Car Drivers of all Time

One of the most controversial lists to make is the list of best racecar drivers of all time. It is impossible to come up with one that everyone could agree with especially among the league of the most technologically advanced sporting contest in the world. Statistics, accolades, passion, skill and a lot of things should be carefully considered.

5. Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentina



The legendary Argentinian race car driver has won 24 out of the 52 F1 races he ever joined and still holds the top spot for the highest lifetime winning percentage in racecar history with 46.15% to boot. Fangio has swept five Formula One championships with a record that stood resolutely for 46 years.

Although Fangio had been second best next to Alberto Ascari and only gained more popularity after the latter retired from the racing scene, he still managed to clinch titles for Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Mercedez Benz.

His record speaks volumes about his professionalism, discipline, skill, and his occasional daredevil stunts when it comes to pushing his cars to the limit.

4. Jim Clark, United Kingdom



Racing came so easy for Jim Clark (or so that’s what he made it seem to be). Clark was groomed to become a farmer like his father until the motorsport bug bit him while on boarding school. He was a natural on the track winning titles after titles like a true champ does. His first appearance on Formula One’s scene in 1960 by beating Colin Chapman on track was the start of his wildly successful career. His best trait is his brazened attitude and his ability to not overthink things in whatever racing condition as fast as it went.

He scored the most hat-tricks in history by posting the fastest time in almost all races he’s been in. His unmatched natural skill in racecar driving has been a beacon of hope for other aspiring drivers who wish to bring out the ‘Jim Clark’ in them.

3. Michael Schumacher, Germany

AFP PHOTO DAMIEN MEYER (Photo credit should read DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

AFP PHOTO DAMIEN MEYER (Photo credit should read DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

He was a lightning in the dry and skillful in the wet, Michael Schumacher is the only race car driver to ever smash Fangio’s legendary record of five championships. His work ethic, drive, and ability to go beyond conventions are what catapulted his career to the top, earning himself seven world titles.

He’s undoubtedly one of the best drivers the world has ever seen, with 68 records.

2. Alberto Ascari, Italy



Italian racer Albert Ascari has been a two-time world champion two years in a row (three, if Ferrari didn’t make a mistake in choosing the rim and tire). He’s’ considered to be the quickest man alive who is even quicker even than Fangio by Mike Hawthorn, a racecar driver champ.

1. Ayrton Senna, Brazil



The Brazilian phenom is the most unquestionable racecar driver to ever grace a best of the best list. His tragic fatal crash during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix was something the world will never forget.

During his 10-year career in the race car scene, he held the record for the most pole positions from 1989 to 2006. Known for being a daredevil during wet weather conditions and his knowledge an ability to push a car beyond its capacity— this brazen legend as lovingly remembered by his champion attitude— was undoubtedly ‘designed to win’.